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1958 GMC Skoolie Conversion

Meet our bus!

1958 GMC School Bus

Meet our Newest Project!

Have we lost our minds, another project? The last thing my husband and I needed is another massive project, but we couldn't resist this one! This is our 1958 GMC school bus that we are converting into a skoolie!

We have dreamed of having a glampground for many years and now that we have a place to do it and one rental for guests already, it was only natural to start looking for a second rental unit.  We feel in love with this old bus, the price was in our range, and the location was to not too far.  Perfect, right?

Another Project, Why?!
Dreaming of the Possibilities

The more we thought about the bus, the more ideas we dreamed up. By the time we left our house to go pick up the bus, 200 miles away in Oregon, we had decided that the bus should become a mobile rental. This magical bus is a fabulous foundation for a traveling skoolie rental!


By utilizing all the excellent campgrounds around us in Humboldt County, we can offer the bus for vacation stays at different locations. It will be parked at the campground and set up for guest arrival.  Moving the bus to different locations, makes it possible to rent out Idiom’s Retreat as a private glampground to groups who prefer privacy, while also allowing us the option to bring the skoolie to Idiom’s Retreat for group stays. 


This bad ass bus will be traveling the beaches in Humboldt County and frequenting Idiom's Retreat, our family property in Trinidad, Ca, where it will be available for fantasy glamping stays!” Ahh, the dream is clear!

Conversion Plan - From School Bus to Badass Beach Woody Bus

This is gonna be one bad ass bus when we are all done! We are adding wood paneling to the outside to make it look like and old beach woody.  It is getting a surfboard upper deck for rooftop shinanigans, and rear deck with outdoor shower, chill area with overside bean bag and hammock, and so much more! It will be show piece of wheels that is available to fantasy vacation stays.


The Full Story!

This bus has already taken us on quite the adventure and expended our budget!  To read the full story, check out my blog on the bus. This was has been a real doozie but we are still happy with our purchase and excited to complete the conversion! She's gonna be fantastic when she's done!

Follow @dreamsomethingnew or subscribe here to stay up to date as we progress! I will be sharing all of our custom design projects moving forward, as well as our trials and tribulations.  I'm sure it will be a wild ride!

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