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Alice in Wonderland Trailer
Conversion Project
jeremy in hole_edited_edited.jpg
Expected Project Completion Winter 2o21

In July 2020, while trying to raise our three young kids and work full time from home due to the pandemic, my husband and I got a 60-day notice to vacate the home we were renting. The owner intended to sell! I could not believe we were being asked to move during the middle of a pandemic and I was terrified as home prices in our area were astronomical! I had no idea what we were going to do but was confident we would figure out something. 


How it All Began

My family and I were soon blessed with a well-timed phone call from a family member in Humboldt County who was going to sell some property and wanted to know if we were interested in moving. 13 hours North and away from my job of 16 years?! It was a terrifying thought but we knew it was the right choice.


We had the unbelievably fortunate offer of access to acreage of the most magnificent ocean front property we have ever seen to start our longtime dream of a glamping business.  So, we said “good-bye” to our safe and predictable jobs and began our adventure!

Oy, The Nascar Trailer!


The first thing we needed to figure out was how we were going to get our ridiculous amount of belongings to Humboldt! Well I have always wanted a travel trailer, so that was step one. I found one with exact layout I wanted in pretty good condition.


It had a Nascar decor theme complete with black and white checkered floors, diamond plate backsplash, and, red countertops. Well growing up in a racing family, I found the decor somewhat fitting and pretty funny so we purchased it, ready to embrace it in all it's Nascar glory!

Shortly after settling into our new digs, we head back to Southern California for the holidays. What I did not realize as we set off on our 3-week trip is that spending so much time in our trailer was going to lead to tons of ideas on how to make it better!

It did not take long for me to have this amazing vision of an Alice in Wonderland theme come to life; teal walls like breakfast at Tiffany's, contrasting the checkerboard floor, and a silhouette if the Mad Hatter on the wall, a painting of Alice at the end of the rabbit hole, and items artfully hanging from the ceiling to make you feel like you are in a rabbit hole.  As my vision kept growing, so did my excitement!

Visions of Alice in Wonderland

Making it Happen - Visions Become Reality

By the end of the week I was painting the trailer teal and drawing out a huge checkerboard hole to go on the drop down door of the toy hauler.


My amazing skilled daughter had freehanded the Mad Hatter on the wall and the vision was coming to life!


By the end of the 3-week vacation we had covered the ceiling in astroturf and hung a small rocking chair upside down! The project had evolved into the creation of a full Alice in Wonderland experience.

Since returning home, we have added custom curtains, cabinetry, and converted the bathroom into a dark forest complete with a shower that looks like a tree!


Sharing The Alice Trailer with the World

We realized that this travel trailer conversion was the next step on the path of reaching our long term dream of owning a glamping retreat for people who love good food, good times, fine wine, and art!

We are hoping to have our fantastical Alice in Wonderland trailer ready for rentals by the October 2021 at our private oceanfront glamping property in Trinidad, Idiom's Retreat. Tons of surprises still to share as we finish bringing the trailer design to life and prepare Idiom for guests! More information coming soon!

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You can also check out my gallery to see more images of the Alice in Wonderland trailer conversion.

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