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Artistic Gardens

Repurposing old materials and fallen branches to create beautifully unique gardens. 


Fabric is Fabulous

Old fabrics can add artistry and functionality to a garden space. Check out my gallery of works. Hoping it will serve as a source of inspiration for you!



I make keepsake gardens out of personal memento fabrics - baby clothes, afghans, t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, shawls, you name it! As long as it is made from a natural fabric such as cotton, or wool works!

Building Bigger and Better Things

I have always loved to build things.  As a kid I made forts and mud gardens any chance I could, turning every space I possible into a little “living”space to play in.  As an adult, I still have the same playful passion, but now my visions are bigger! I have 3 young children, more skills, and a desire to build a fully self-sustaining land for my family.  

Providing for My Family

The most important thing in the world to me is my family.  I want to ensure that I am able to provide and care for my family and feed them healthy delicious food no matter what.  That means having sustainable sources of food is absolutely necessary.

Keeping the Wildlife Out

Since my goal is to provide for my family and not the local wildlife who like to help themselves, enclosing my garden spaces is imperative.  Using a combination of branches and concrete soaked fabrics I create enclosed spaces to meet my needs.  Although it it is possible to build a garden structure with nothing other than branches and concrete soaked fabrics, I also use plastic deer fencing as a cheap and easy way to fully enclose the garden space after my structure is complete.  I find it is a good way to let in maximum light while still keeping out hungry visitors.

Keeping it Natural

When it comes to choosing fabrics, almost anything works as long as it is a natural fiber.  I have found the most success with cotton knits but there is no end to the crazy things I have used! Some of my favorite pieces are made out of old clothing.  I made a double planter basket out of a skirt and a hanging wall planter out of an old flapper top (yes, this one is synthetic fabric and it worked but was much more of a challenge to work with and the end product is somewhat fragile).  Aphgans, shawls, scarves and old bed sheets are some of my favorites, as well as old crochet table covers and doilies.


Getting a Structure Built

When it comes to actually building a garden structure, all that is really needed is an area conducive to growing plants, support posts, and something to tie the posts together.  Of course, setting the posts in concrete and attaching everything with screws is a nice secure option, but I tend to lean towards a more organic (challenging) build. Using a partner, I set posts in shallow dirt and lash them together with twine.  After setting the first few posts, it becomes much easier, each one adding more stability to the structure.

Making the Garden Structure Amazing!

Once done, fabrics soaked in concrete bring the structure to life in so many ways! The options seem endless as I keep finding new ways to use them!  I drape them on lashed corners to add stability, use old knitted shawls to make great wall trellises, and make hanging baskets out of old clothes, to name a few! Join me to learn more about each of these projects. I strive to post new blogs and tutorials weekly; sharing inspiration and tutorials that can help others enjoy their own artventure.


Preserving Keepsake Fabrics

Since concreting fabrics is a great way to create something new out of something old, why not make garden planters out of them?  Check out the Keepsake Gardens I create!


Hanging baby clothes on a clothes line is so cute! I have seen it done as a baby shower decoration on many occasions and at first birthday parties where their favorite outfits from newborn to one year are hung.  Using that as an inspiration, I created 1st year Keepsake Gardens.  Buyers send me the outfits they want used (natural fabrics only) and I turn them into a hanging garden, with each outfit serving as a self-watering garden planter.


You know those family stickers that people put their car windows? How about a family garden? I also make Family Keepsake Gardens, using one item of clothing for each person in the family.  Again, buyers send me the clothes they want used (natural fabrics only) and I turn them into a hanging garden, with each outfit serving as a self-watering garden planter.  I also make Single Item Keepsake Gardens and happy to custom make any size.


Cute Clothes Line Gardens

For people who love my hanging gardens but are not interested in using their own keepsake fabrics, I also make gardens out of thrifted clothes.  Clothes line gardens come in a variety of sizes from 3 to 6 planters and can be ordered in 3 styles, baby clothes, family clothes, or woman’s vintage clothes.

Have an idea for    a Custom Keepsake or Clothes Line Garden?  Contact me with your idea!
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