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Idiom's Retreat

Meet our newest project! This is our 1058 GMC school bus that we are converting into a skoolie! This magical bus is a fabulous foundation for a traveling skoolie rental. Ths bad ass bus will soon available be traveling the beaches in Humbolt County and frequenting our ocean front property, Idiom's Retreat in Trinidad, California, where it will be available for your fantasy glamping stay!


We are super excited to get this conversion underway as the process of getting this bus underway has already been quite the adventure! 


Yourself Here?

Our private glampground in beautiful Trinidad, Ca is almost ready for visitors.  We have been working hard to add fun flares throughout the already awesome propery to ensure or place is not only beautiful and serene but fun too!  

We are currently in the process of adding a bocce ball court, archery and hatch targets, and an outdoor kitchen! 


Our family property, Idiom's Retreat is my favorite place in the entire world! It is on the coast in Trinidad, Ca at the end of a private road. Every time I drive down the road, I feel a sense of calmness and joy.  The air smells fresh, nature is green an abundant, the ocean's roar and birds chipping fill my ears, and there is a sense of disconnect with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Kinda funny considering we are really close to the highway and no more than few minutes into town! Honestly, that just makes me love the place even more!  It's close and far at the same time, haha! Honestly, this place is magical and it would be a shame not to share it with others!

This place is Magical

Sharing with Others

Dreams for the Future

The views from our deck are breathtaking and the majesty of standing in the redwood forrest under towering giants while inhaling the cool breeze of the ocean is enough but I have dreams of more! I see romantic dinners on the deck, with fine wine from local wineries, jam sessions around the campfire, bocce ball matches, archery and hatch throwing yoga sessions on the deck, and so much more! My husband and I have endless talks of all the cool things we can add to the land, while preserving it's natural beauty.  

Eventually we do want to live on the land and plan to build a home there.  A green home of course, that is made from all environmentally sustainable materials, leaving as small of a footprint as possible. As usual our dreams are AWESOME and CRAZY, but someday we will achieve them just as we always do! "If you believe you will achieve!"   BUT, while we work to complete all the other giant projects we have going on right now - the Alice in Wonderland trailer conversion, the 1958 GMG Skoolie, and remodeling our current home, all while trying to raise 3 kids and make an income - the building of our dream home is on a waiting list!  In the meantime, we want to share this AMAZING PLACE with you!


Almost Ready for Visitors

We are in the final phases our Alice in Wonderland trailer conversion and as soon as we are finished, we will welcome visitor's to Idiom's Retreat!  The trailer will provide fantasy accommodations for 5 guests comfortably, or 8 if you don't mind cuddling! The trailer will be fully hooked up so there is power, running water, toilet, shower, the whole nine yards! This trailer is wild! There is astroturf and furniture on the celling, a dark forrest in the bathroom, giant checkered rabbit hole on the wall, and more!

See Pics.


Interested In Booking A Stay

Interested in booking a stay at Idiom's Retreat? We are currently making a list of interested guests and their preferred/ideal travel dates.  We plan to have Idiom's Retreat ready for guests by October 2021. Please complete this interest form to be added to the list.  We will contact you as soon as the property is ready for visitors!

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