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How to Make Giant Light-Up Sixlets Candy from Dollar Store Items

Giant candy decorations are so much fun and I just love making them! Plus, I have been dreaming of decorating my house as a giant gingerbread house for Christmas for many years. This year is finally the year! I have been making giant candy for months. There’s been giant rock candy, candy canes, gum drops, candy necklaces, Sixlets, and lots of different lollipops stacking up all over my house! As I have been busy creating decorations, I have also been working to create tutorials that I can share with you! This is the second tutorial in my mini series on how to make giant candy decorations. It will be quickly followed up with a tutorial on how to make giant candy necklaces! Join my email list to make sure you don’t miss out on fun future tutorials!

Step 1: Gathering Materials - Off to the Dollar Store

Before getting started building our giant Sixlets, we need to gather materials. Most of the items are available at the dollar stores and should hopefully be easy to find. I have noted the items on the list that I purchase at my local Dollar Tree by placing an asterisk after each of those items.


2 - 12 packs of small clear plastic bowls *

Super glue (gel based highly recommended) *

1 - 20 light strand of white twinkle lights (5’ long) *

Acrylic paints in red, orange, yellow, green, and purple or brown

Paint brush ( 1” used in tutorial) *


Curling ribbon *


Step 2: Time to Paint

Now it’s time to get crafting. First things first, paint all the bowls. Since we are making 10 candies and using 5 paint colors, we will be making 2 of each color candy. So, you will need to paint 4 bowls of each color. Make sure to paint just the insides of each bowl. To avoid making lots of visible brush strokes, it is best to paint the bowls with 2 thin coats of paint rather than one thick coat.

Step 3: Get Gluing

Once all the bowls are painted and dried, it is time to assemble the candies. Stretch out the twinkle lights and find the first 2 lights in the strand (from the male plug end). Leaving as much cord as possible for plugging the candy in later, glue 2 bowls of matching color together, sandwiching 2 lights and wire between the bowls before adhering them. In order to glue to bowls together successfully, apply super glue (gel based is highly recommended as it stays in place much better than the liquid formula) around the outer edge of one bowl. Carefully place the other bowl, rim to rim, taking care to match up the edges as much as possible. The better the edges match up, the better the glue can bond.

Step 4: Wrap it Up

Once you have attached 10 candies to the light strand, cut a piece of cellophane that is about 8 - 10 inches longer than the length of the candy strand. Lay the cellophane flat on the table and place your candy strand on top. Wrap the cellophane around the candy strand, working to make it as tight and smooth as possible. Once you have the candy wrapped, simply secure the ends with curling ribbon. You may also want to use some clear tape to secure the cellophane in the center if it is gaping at all.

Voila! You have made a pack of giant Sixlets!

Step 5: Light’em Up

Get those cute candies outside and plug them in so you can show off your cute creation!

Step 6: Show Off

Show off your masterpiece and decorate, decorate, decorate!!


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Cindi Thornton
Cindi Thornton
03 feb.

I love this idea! I am cheating, because I am doing a Candyland theme in my backyard for my in home child care kiddos who are all under the age of 5, so my Sixlets type candy will be those ball pit balls. This also will only be seen and used during the day, so no lights necessary.

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