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Hypertufa Garden
Planters and Trellises

I make and sell unique garden planters and trellis' made from old fabrics and a permeable blend of concrete called hypertufa.


What is Hypertufa?

What is Hypertufa

Hypertufa is an excellent material for making garden planters.  It is lightweight, plant-permeable, and very versatile.


Hypertufa is a blend of Portland cement, peat moss, and perlite or vermiculite.  It’s unique blend allows moss and lichens to grow overtime adding a beautifully natural aging effect to planters.

Using Hypertufa to Make Planters

Hypertufa is becoming an increasingly popular material for DIYers and garden lovers around the world. The typical method for creating hypertufa planters is to fill a mold, pressing the hypertufa to the side and forming a pot.  Using strengthening materials such as metal mesh, or reinforcing fibers is necessary to ensure strength and durability.  However, there is another way!

Hypertufa Meets Fabric

Through a process of trial and error, I have learned to use fabrics soaked in hypertufa to create artistic garden planters that are different from all others on the market.  The fabrics serve as the source of reinforcement, while also providing the versatility to shaping planters in a multitude of new ways.  Check out some of my work!

The Sky is the Limit

Interested in learning more about making your own unique garden planters made of hypertufa and fabric?

Join me on my artventure! I strive to post new tutorials and inspiration weekly.


Do you make hypertufa planters?  Want to put our minds together and dream up new ways to use hypertufa? Contact me, I would love to chat!

I'm always interested in discussing new projects, contact me. 
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